Yerrabi - Child & Family Aboriginal Corporation

Family Support

NaraGanaWali – Strong Pathways for Families

Yerrabi’s NaraGanaWali Program provides in-home, or wherever, cultural and clinical interventions, counselling, life-skills education and referral pathways for Aboriginal Women and Children at risk of, or experiencing Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence (FDSV).

Consequential impacts of FDSV, generate adverse mental health problems and mental illness which can have a variable onset, duration, response to treatment and outcome and can be dependent on a variety of factors as well as identified risk, vulnerability and protective factors and there is a need to take preventative action when elevated risk is recognised.

Women and Children who experience FDSV are at high risk of serious negative outcomes in the short and long term. Child abuse is frequently associated with negative family interactions, with children at risk of being removed from their family and placed in out of home care.

Yerrabi's aim: